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6401 Series- Rapidoplot Fibertip Pens
Produces the brightest looking graphics and charts. Use for area fill applications and high quality overhead transperancies.
Use on the following plotters:
Alphamerics, Data General 4435, DEC LVP-16, Enter Computer, GE Calma DDM, Gerber Scientific 060, 065, 075, GTCO, Hewlett Packard 72XX Series, 74XX Series, 75XX Series, 9872 Plotter, Hitachi Seiko, IBM 7XXX Series, 6180, Matsushita, Mimaki, Mutoh iP100, Optical Computer, Penman Products, Rika Denki, Roland DG, Sekonic, Sekonic SPL 430, Soltec SPL 430, United Innovations, Yokogawa, Zeta Sprint.

Fiber-Tip - Fine - .3mm 5 Pens per Pack
Fiber-Tip - Broad - .7mm 5 Pens per Pack
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