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    Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Refillable Liquid-Ink Plotter Pens are designed for the highest quality, longest lasting, most flexible, accurate, cost effective pen system. The Plotting System consists of 3 parts: nib, pen body/adaptor, and plotter ink.
The nib features a 4mm, metal bushing designed to provide maximum concentricity for repeatable positioning. Koh-I-Noor offers four different point tip matertials (avalible in up to 10 precision line widths) to achieve optimum plotting results.
Primary media: Drafting film, and Vellum.
Other Media: Use 63SB on bond paper and chart paper. (for overhead transparencies use 63VTB only).
Operating Conditions: Pen down force; 10 grams at plotting speeds of 30 cm/sec. for 63SB/63TB and 60 cm/sec. for 63VTB For high-speed plotting to 60 cm/sec. or for higher contrast and visual blackness. Use on coated plotting an drafting film and overhead transperancy film using acetate or other quick drying inks.

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